Workspace Protection is not Guesswork.
It is a Specialized Strategy.

  • Surface protection
  • Wall Protection
  • Indoor air protection

Keeping offices safe and hygienic for employees is crucial, but existing sanitization, disinfection and air purification services are limited. Introducing 3D Secure-Total Workspace Protection an advanced disinfection solution with a three-pronged action that works powerfully on surfaces and air-borne related issues.

How it works



Portable Sanitizer Maker that uses drinking water and table salt to generate sodium hypochlorite water and makes nature’s super powerful disinfectant.


Liquid spray that reacts to light energy; decomposes adhering bacteria, virus, mold, odor.


Commercial Air Purifier has Active Plasmacluster Technology and Passive three-layer filtration system comprising of prefilter, active carbon filter and a HEPA Filter.

Easy to use across applications

  • Work Tables
  • Landlines & Fax
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Front Desk
  • Chairs
  • Printers
  • Door Knobs
  • Elevators
  • Cabins
  • Personal Computers
  • OFfice Equipment
  • Plastic Stationery
  • Automobiles
  • Education Institutes
  • Government Institutes
  • Gym & Training centers
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing Units
  • SOHO
  • Pathology Labs
  • Banking & Finance
  • Airport
  • SMEs
  • Hospitality
  • Auditorium
  • Residential
  • Pharma
  • E-commerce
  • PSU
  • Telecom
  • Foreign Embassy
  • Logistics
Why 3D Secure by SHARP?
Safe and Effective
  • Non-alcohol-based fire-safe solution
  • Attacks air-borne virus & bacteria
  • Cleans all surface and interiors
Works for Longer
  • Integrated solution for the workspace
  • Works relentlessly round-the-clock
  • Long-term effectiveness & no maintenance worries
Proven Expertise
  • Strong technical knowhow from SHARP
  • Robust B2B customer support
  • Award-winning technology behind Office and Visual products
SHARP is committed to contributing to business community in India to create stress-free, healthy, safe and environmentally protected offices oriented with new norms for a Simply Better Life.

Delivered by SHARP Expert Professionals for SURFACES | WALLS | INDOOR AIR of your premises

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