10 Reasons to Choose Sharp Multifunctional Printers

A multifunction printer is designed to address the needs of businesses and individuals alike. They offer a combination of scanning, printing, copying, and faxing capabilities in a single hardware device.

A multifunction printer is a versatile solution for different printing needs. But do you know why a multifunction printer is the right choice for you? And how will it help with your diverse printing needs?

Do not worry, we are here to help you make the right choice. In this blog, we will state the various reasons why you need a multifunction printer for your business or individual needs and how it can simplify your operations.

10 Reasons to Choose a Multifunction Printer Model

These 10 reasons to choose a multifunction printer model will highlight the top qualities that differentiate our MFPs from competitors.

1. Full-flat touchscreen with Easy Interface

The multifunction printer has a 10.1-inch full-flat touchscreen with easy User Interface. It allows users to drag all the frequently used features on the Panel and customize the UI. The display size enables you to navigate through distinct functions, customize settings, and execute tasks conveniently and effortlessly.

The color multifunction printer display is designed after analyzing the user’s needs. There are many features in Photocopying. It is difficult to navigate out of so many features.  Easy User Interface will simply the UI and make the user experience simply better.

2. Auto set Scan with AI capabilities

With Auto set Scan, MFP automatically decides the appropriate format based on the originals.

To decide the appropriate format, AI is utilized for Advanced ACS2.

  1. Resolution, 2. Blank Page Skip, 3. 1-Sided / 2-Sided Setting, 4. Image Orientation,
  2. Automatic Mono2/Greyscale/Reduce Colors Detection, 6. Adjust Skewed Originals, 7. Automatic Colors/Reduce Colors Automatic Detection, 8. Compression Ratio, and 9. Automatic Size Detection from DF

Users can easily receive the scanned data with appropriate file size and image quality. Auto set reduces manual efforts and improves efficiency with the AI capabilities. It changes the way you scan documents with ease and precision.

3. Inner Folding Unit

You know that folding papers manually takes time. Also, the risk of damaging the printed data if the fold cuts the exact angle. So, how can you do it conveniently and effortlessly?

Our multifunction printer has a new inner folding unit that supports various folding options, such as C-fold, Z-fold, half-fold, and accordion fold. These folding mechanisms prove extremely useful when printing brochures, maps, pamphlets, etc.

This versatility allows you to create professional documents, whether they are in black and white or in color. Users can easily create direct mail internally by utilizing the folding unit and envelop fed from the tray.

4. Automatic Pull-in Mechanism

The new series Multifunctional Printers equip automatic pull-in mechanism for 550-sheet paper drawer. Users can close it with light force. It provides a more convenient paper supply to paper drawers and Close trays gently. Prevent rattling when opening/closing the cassette to reduce the noise.

5. Microsoft Teams Connector

In addition, cloud connect support with One Drive, Share Point, Drop Box, Box etc., these MFPs will support Microsoft Teams which is widely used in the corporate scenario. Use the MFP to swiftly scan documents and upload them to cloud services for sharing with your team. View, edit, and print documents regardless of whether you’re inside or outside the office. Now’s the time for smart information sharing, with a Sharp MFP.

6. Universal Print Service

Universal Print is a new cloud-based printing solution from Microsoft that enables printing from Azure AD joined devices without the print server.  If users register the MFP to the service, users that are authenticated with Azure AD can print the data via Internet.

7. High-Speed Document Scan

Today with the initiative from Government of India, Digitizing the documents has increased in all the offices including Government establishments, BFSI, Healthcare, E Commerce, Supply chain, and corporates.

The high-speed scanning capabilities of up to 280 OPM (Originals per Minute), our multifunction printer allows you to manage your documents efficiently. The rapid scanning speeds ensure quick turnaround times and increase productivity, whether you are digitizing records, archiving files, or scanning contracts, invoices, reports, etc.

The high-speed document scan utilizes the full potential of your multifunction printer.

8. Wireless LAN Connectivity

Our laser multifunction printers offer 5Ghz wireless LAN connectivity to enhance speed and reliability. This wireless capability allows for flexible placement of your multifunction printer within your workspace without compromising performance.

The wireless LAN connectivity gives more flexibility, allowing you to easily print it from the office.

9. Sharpdesk Mobile

The Sharpdesk Mobile takes your printing capabilities to new heights with features like NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR code functionality. Print directly from your mobile device with ease, whether you are in the office or somewhere outside.

With Sharpdesk Mobile, you can easily manage every function of the laser multifunction printers.

10. Motion Sensor

This unique feature is available in the B-70 series, which adds an extra layer of convenience and energy efficiency. This feature detects user presence and automatically wakes the device from sleep mode.

It aids in conserving power and makes it a sustainable and eco-friendly option.


To conclude, the multifunction printer offers multiple unique features and functionalities that are designed to meet your diverse needs, whether you are a business or an individual. Intuitive touchscreen, advanced connectivity, and AI-driven capabilities help our MFP unmatched performance and reliability.

These highlighted features or reasons make our multifunction printer unique from others. It simplifies multiple printing-related tasks to boost productivity, whether you are using color multifunction printers or laser multifunction printers.

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