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Sharpdesk is a comprehensive Desktop document management solution that allows you to seamlessly handle computer files as well as scanned documents and images. Using Sharpdesk’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can collect, store, organise, view, edit, modify, print, and distribute documents within a single application. It can be smoothly integrated with an MFP, a file server, or both. This allows departments and teams to use it as a simple workflow application that facilitates information sharing and collaboration.


Easy MFP integration with Network Scanner Tool (NST)

Sharpdesk streamlines the scanning and filing of paper documents. Allocating space on a network drive allows you to find, edit, and modify files stored in shared folders—whether they’re on a file server, a NAS*, or your own computer.

Digitise paper documents and manage them along with other file data

Automatic Scheduled Backups

Documents can be automatically sorted into location-specific folders. Within these folders are automatically created subfolders corresponding to the year, month, day, or hour the document was scanned.

Automatic Scheduled Backups

Documents can be automatically sorted into location-specific folders. Within these folders are automatically created subfolders corresponding to the year, month, day, or hour the document was scanned.

Easy MFP integration with Network Scanner Tool (NST)

With Sharpdesk or the Network Scanner Tool, it’s easy to find SHARP MFPs connected to the network. You can use checkboxes to select MFPs and a scan destination. You can set scan parameters for all of the MFPs at once. And you can view documents (such as faxes) that are stored on any of the MFPs.

Designed to help system administrators get the most out of Sharp MFPs, Sharp’s easy-to-use device management tools enhance efficiency every step of the way. Features and software applications for centralised supervision of systems set-up, day-to-day operations, troubleshooting, and maintenance take the hassle out of MFP management, so system administrators can quickly and effectively control multiple Sharp MFPs from a single location.

Network Utility Software

Sharp Remote Device Manager (SRDM) give administrators centralised remote control of their networked MFPs through a standard Web browser, making troubleshooting, System set up, User access, device cloning, security settings and many other network management functions easier and more accessible


Since the communication method is e-mail, it is possible to obtain the MFP status without any complexities for your customer IT environment. MFP sends email which contains the information about counter and status as scheduled. MFP sends email in case of troubles or requests like, “Paper Empty” and “Toner Empty”.

Simplified System Settings

Machine features and settings, including address book control and document management, can be configured either through Web-based device management or from the control panel of the machine. And many of Sharp’s MFPs support Web-based device cloning, making it easy to copy settings from machine to machine in a networked environment.

Remote Front Panel

The Remote Operation function enables users and/or administrators to remotely view the MFP control panel and control MFP features and functions from an office-networked PC..

Sharpdesk Mobile

Connecting the MFP to one or more mobile devices is easy, and it expands your options for sharing data. Not only can you send scanned documents to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, you can also print documents or photos sent from those devices. The Sharpdesk Mobile print/scan app lets you easily link your mobile device to the MFP by simply holding it over the MFP’s NFC tag or by scanning the MFP’s QR Code®.AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and Sharp Print Service Plugin are supported.

AccountingPlus gives administrator access to configure users from active directory or database, set permissions and limits to users or cost centers and mange cost profiles for each MFP or group of MFPs.

Sharp Accounting Plus

It gives everyone in your office a smarter and more secure way of printing. It works by storing documents on a server until they are required, rather than printing them out immediately. And that means fewer visits to the MFP, less waiting around, improved document security and reduced waste.

Smart Campus Printing

Smart Campus Printing is Specially designed to help Universities and Colleges regain control over campus-wide printing and copying. By centralising control of all copy, print and scan operations, the system enables to automatically charge back students on jobs taken from the use of the MFPs.

Papercut MF

A powerful print management access from any network location to enable centralized management of every user and printing device. Built-in, browser-based administration gives access from any network location for centralized management of users and devices. Dashboard gives an easy-to-read, single-page view of the printing environment in real time.


MyQ Solution is a print management software that make printing secure, accessible and cost savvy. It saves time with its easy one-click scan & copy options. OCR functions enhance the user experience with an outstanding document workflow, ideal for both SMEs & large enterprises, government and education sectors.

Integration with Sharp OSA

Open System Architecture

Sharp OSA technology allows you to interact with intra-company systems and network applications right from the LCD control panel.

Since it utilises industry-standard network protocols, the MFP can easily integrate with third-party document management systems, enterprise resource planning software, workflow applications, and more. It can reach beyond the firewall, enabling extensive system construction as well as services delivered over the Internet such as cloud services.

Link to Cloud Services

Sharp MFPs don’t just connect to your local server, but also connects with cloud services directly from its control panel.

Upload scanned data to Public Cloud Services or print directly from any of them. Its single sign-on feature allows you to quickly access multiple software services without having to sign in to each one separately.

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