SHARP History

The SHARP Corporation was founded in 1912 by Tokuji Hayakawa and takes its name from one our founder’s first invention, the Ever SHARP propelling pencil, developed in 1915. In order to make the AIoT World a reality, SHARP engaged with various industries to develop four major business segments which are the AIoT Platform, AIoT Devices, Smart Life Services, and Smart Office services. With this collaborations, SHARP is creating new value from its cloud-and device-enabled connection and helping to realize the vision.

100+ Year
Leadership & Innovation

  1. SHARP founder, Tokuji Hayakawa, establishes a metal works in Tokyo.
  2. Tokuji Hayakawa invents the Ever-Sharp Pencil. (Mechanical Pencil)
  3. Japan’s first Crystal radio.
  4. Japan’s first TV.
  5. World’s first all-transistor Desktop Calculator.
  6. SF-201 SHARP first copier.
  7. Development of the world’s first COS electronic calculator incorporating on LCD.
  8. SF-710 SHARP first plain-paper copier.
  9. World’s first Long-life Laser diode.
  10. World’s first 14-inche Large-Screen, color TFT LCD unit.
  11. SD-2027/2022 20th Anniversary model High performance, reliable A3 copier.
  12. World’s first Camera Module for Mobile phone.
  13. Air Purifiers Using Plasmacluster Ion Technology.
  14. World’s first Water oven for home use.
  15. World’s first Dual View LCD panel.
  16. Largest Screen Size 108inch LCD TV (as of March 2007).
    MX-M1100/M950/M850 – Super-fast print speed, multiple finishing options, and highly durable for high-volume environments.
  17. Multiscreen display system with the world’s thinest system from widht of 6.5 mm.
  18. SHARP released the freestyle AQUOS, a TV that users can easily set up in their preferred location at home.
    SHARP released the PN-L702B/602B interactive whiteboard with touchscreen display capable of showing still or moving images.
  19. SHARP embarked on the development of robotic home appliances that bring comfort and peace of mind to daily life through advanced function.
  20. This AQUOS brand 4k – compatible LCD TV employs the 4k Moth eye panel and the AQUOS 4k – Master Engine Pro , a new image processing circuit.
  21. SHARP released the IG-GTA20 celling intsalled plasmacluster Ion generator, which include LED light and deodorizes and eliminates odor-causing bacteria.
  22. SHARP released the AQUOS 4K, WITH A 4K LCD panel, enable 8k equivalent resolution, as well as the world’ first 8k upscaling circuit for rendering 8k images.
  23. SHARP released RoBoHoN, the world’s first portable robot shaped-phone.
    MFP with Single Engine Technology for Mono & Color
  24. SHARP has Aquired Dynabook Laptop- World’s Thinest Laptop.
  25. Free to Fit MFP with Cube Design -one of the Smallest Foot Print.
    World’s First Windows Collaborative 4K Display
  26. NextGen Colour Multifunctional Printer with AI Capabilities.
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