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If you thought you could experience nature’s goodness only in the forest, you have clearly never witnessed what you’re about to see. Get ready for the goodness of nature every time you open your refrigerator.

We give you the SHARP double door refrigerators range. The best refrigerator in India that are laced with the patented Plasmacluster Technology. It helps build the perfect ecosystem for your food. With this technology of the SHARP refrigerator, your refrigerator becomes one with nature. It acts as a natural filtration system that eliminates bacteria and mold by releasing positive and negative ions.

SHARP Four Door Refrigerator SJ-EP70F-SL

SHARP’s four door refrigerator SJ-EP70F-SL which has spacious compartments, smart design and extraordinary build. It’s the world’s first refrigerator which is laced with the patented Plasmacluster Technology. This technology kills up to 99% microbes inside your refrigerator and maintains freshness across compartments. The four Door convenience design makes it more lightweight and prevents the escape of cold air. The pillar-less design of the SHARP refrigerator ensures that it’s more spacious while the Bottom Freezer is a thoughtful design that ensures no more squatting to get your veggies.

It has set a whole new standard for refrigerators. Enjoy the freshness and the goodness of nature with SHARP refrigerator.

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SHARP’s double door refrigerator SJ-GP60T-MR & SJ-GP60T-BK

The SHARP’s refrigerator SJ-GP60T-MR & SJ-GP60T-BK is a delightful addition to the SHARP refrigerator family. Sleek and spacious, it incorporates beauty, nature and nurture. To instill nature’s goodness in your food, it has the patented Plasmacluster Technology which keeps your food fresh and healthy. Aesthetically pleasing it comes with a glass finish that makes it look sleek and suave. It has a Touch control on door Panel which enables you to change settings without opening the door of the refrigerator.

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SHARP 613L Refrigerator SJ-EP60T-BK & SJ-EP60T-SL

Another variant of the SHARP’s refrigerator SJ-EP60T-BK & SJ-EP60T-SL is aesthetic and sophisticated. It becomes the best refrigerator in India with its sleek and matt finish design, which also has a metal finish. But the inside is just as good as what you see outside. Designed for extra space, it’s laced with the Patented Plasmacluster Technology that kills up to 99% microbes inside your refrigerator and maintains freshness across compartments. The Mega Freezer enables you to stock up on your favourite processed meat and cold food.

The SHARP’s refrigerator SJ-EP60T-BK & SJ-EP60T-SL is truly one that ensures nature and nurture for you and your food.

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SHARP Inverter Double Door Refrigerator SJ-EP35T-SL

SHARP’s refrigerator SJ-EP35T-SL is well equipped with the J-tech inverter technology which saves energy up to 40%. This refrigerator is affordable, compact and has got an eco-mode which also saves 10% extra energy. It comes with more space so that you can store it without worries. It is a Japanese refrigerator available in India, and its quick-freezing feature ensures that cooling gets up to 25% faster while the 2-Way fresh room is a unique design that can act as a convertible shelf for selecting food items. It’s best suited for every household.

It ensures that the Freshness and goodness greets you every time when you open this refrigerator.

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SHARP Technology

Plasmacluster Ion Technology

– Full on Freshness. No More Contamination. Every time you open the door of your refrigerator, airborne particles and microbes enter leading to a build-up of germs. The Plasma Cluster Technology releases positive and negative ions to neutralise germs and maintain freshness inside your refrigerator compartment.

Microbe Removal Mechanism of the Plasmacluster Technology

  • – Negative and positive ions are generated through plasma discharge
  • – These ions circulate inside the refrigerator and cling to the surface microbes
  • – Viruses are broken down to form water molecules which then return to the air

Anti-bacterial Deodoriser

– Neutralises Odour NaturallySmell-exchange inside the refrigerator is a common occurrence. The Anti-bacterial Deodorisers in SHARP refrigerator neutralises smell by filtering the odour causing molecules

The effectiveness of plasmacluster ion technology and anti-bacterial deodoriser.

As per research* bacteria like E.Coli, Micrococcus Luteus, Micrococcus Roseus, Enterococcus Faecalis and Mold, all of which can cause food poisoning and lead to other health hazards can be effectively neutralised with the Plasmacluster Ion Technology.

  • E. Coli
  • Enterococcus Faecalis
  • Micrococcus Luteus
  • Mold
  • Micrococcus Roseus

*Research conducted by University of Applied Sciences Aachen, Germany, Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Sciences, Japan and Ishikawa Health Service Association, Japan.

J-Tech Inverter

– For Performance and Energy EfficiencyTo stabilise the set temperature it employs a smaller step method which doesn’t allow the temperature to go very high or very low. It minimises fluctuation thereby reducing the compressor load. This leads to power saving. It goes hand in hand with sustainability and savings.


In the case of voltage fluctuations, the refrigerator gets exposed to a certain level of stress. A smooth transition during this phase is important; else it can lead to noise and circuitry damage. The set temperature for J-Tech Inverter neither goes very high nor dips very low. This minimises fluctuation, damage and power consumption


– Stability and Balance- Just Like Mother NatureJ-tech Inverters have a high rotation speed of 4250 RPM which helps cool your food quicker. This leads to energy saving.It also saves energy by maintaining a low-rotation speed of 1200 RPM in case of minimal usage. Since conventional inverter goes on a rotation speed of 1300 RPM when idle, they consume more energy.This technology instinctively creates a self-correcting ecosystem.


– Extended period of freshness for your fruits and veggiesThis system enables you to maintain a healthy moisture level, preventing the food from drying. The hybrid cooling plate prevents cold air from striking the food directly thus delaying dehydration. This keeps your food fresh for a longer duration.

7-Shield Protection

– Complete safety measures for your refrigerator

  • RoHs Environment friendly

  • Voltage Wide voltage range (100-300 V)

  • Insulation High-safety compliant/Shock Proof

  • Anti-corrosion coating Longevity

  • Lightning Power surge protected

  • Anti Rat Wires with knead protection

  • Fire Power board enclosed by fire retardant materials


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