Copier | Printers MFPs

Sharp’s business copier |printer MFPs Award-winning cutting edge technology is known for its ease of use, reliability and security

Digital Displays

They simply bring life to your message – whether you use a touchscreen interactive panel for your classrooms or a professional display for your storefront

Software Applications

SHARP software applications are designed to enhance your office communication to a new level of seamlessness beyond the capabilities of our products

Reliable High Capacity Copier|Printer MFP Fleet

What educational institutions require is for these equipment to match the demands of printing Questions Papers, Course Contents and other student required hard copies – consistently and on demand

Smart Interactive Displays

Ideal for education environments and virtually anywhere presentations are key component of sharing information. The interactive and collaborative features of the product provide a true “hands-on” learning experience. SHARP Professional Displays for “Smart Digital Signageâ” for campuses

SHARP Air Purifiers for a Healthier Environment

Certified by IIT Delhi, with patented Plasma Cluster Ion (PCI) technology. SHARP Air Purifiers takes care of Indoor Air and Virus during pandemic situation spread.

Highly Recommended for Smart Campus Printing Solutions

Specially designed for Education Institutions for Question paper printing with Security and other internal requirements and for Student Access.

What Some of Our Education Customers Say

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