Kitchen Appliances

SHARP Kitchen Appliances are designed to offer you the utmost convenience and healthiest food, without compromising taste and flavour, so you can make the most of your food and your time.

Bread Maker

The SHARP Bread Maker is an innovative product with fully automated function, all the way from kneading to baking, and even comes with its own recipe book to let you explore the art of baking.


Twin Cooker

SHARP’s Twin Cooker allows you to cook four dishes at once with ease. In addition to the added convenience of automated functions, you can also ensure that you get nutritious meals that are cooked with less oil and still delicious to every palette! Make tasty and healthy meals with minimal effort as the SHARP Twin Cooker takes care of the heavy tasks for you.



SHARP Kettles are fully-equipped with useful functionalities and benefits like the auto cut-off feature, dry-boil protection, auto-lid opening, quick heating, and stainless steel body. You can prepare a number of herbal drinks, tea, coffee, instant noodles and soups. The kettle comes in two variants – one with a glossy-black finish (1.5 Litres) and the other with a shiny silver one (1.8 Litres).



You can pick from the two friendly machines – Stand Mixer and Hand Mixer. These two are just too good for your kitchen. From mixing to blending to kneading, it does it all perfectly. Prepare smoother batters and more balanced doughs. Make your cooking experience easier, simpler and more effective. The stand mixer comes with a stainless steel bowl for easy dough-making.




SHARP’s unique & one-of-a kind technologies is verified by over 30 Global labs

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Plasmacluster Technology

Air purification method used in various products & has shown effectiveness in reducing airborne Noval Corona Virus .

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