FP-JC2M, on the other hand, is a specially designed Air Purifier for the car which can sit on the arm rest easily. The sleek design of this product makes it eye-catching. It has odour and air purity indicators and easily fits on the arm rest. It is a premium product with carbon embedded, HEPA filter and washable PM10 filter. Get the ultimate in luxurious air with the sleek and eye catching design that turns your car into a fortress against pollution.
Sick of that car smell?
Despite perfectly clean interiors, does the air inside your car smell foul or funny? This is due to unwanted and invisible co-passengers such as airborne allergens from dust mite faeces and their remains, viruses & airborne bacteria, mold, odours (including food and cigarette smoke) and static electricity. Sharp’s IG-GC2E ensures that the only living things in your car, are you and your passengers.

Product Specifications

Suitable for Car/ SUV Yes
Coverage Area* 3.6 m³
Power Car Adapter Car adapter (12V)
Installation Type Back rest or Arm rest with belt provided
Operation mode Auto/Low/Med/High
Power Consumption (W) 1.8 / 2.4 / 4.6 Low/Med/Turbo
Noise Level (db) 26 / 32 / 42 Low/Med/Turbo
Filter type & Life Dust Collection Filter (one year), Chemical Filter (one year) & Washable PM10 Pre Filter (lifetime)
Sensors Clean sign Indicator & Odour Sensors. Light dimmer option available
Outer dimensions 164(W) x 77(D) x 243(H)
Net Weight (kg) 1.1
Air Flow/ CADR (m3/hr) 0.24 / 0.35 / 0.54 Low/Med/Turbo
Replacement Dust Collection Filter set FZ-JC2SFE



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