Why Sharp Air purifier + Dehumidifier?Sunlight offers the best natural dehumidification in our home. When there is no direct sunlight and ambient relative humidity is over 70%, a dehumidifier may be helpful in avoiding discomfort and associated health problems. Sharp Air Purifier + Dehumidifier offers a holistic solution for perfectly clean, natural air with optimal levels of humidity for your Simply Better Life.

Product Specifications

Air Purification & Dehumidification System The only Dehumidifier with Plasmacluster Ion Generator with True HEPA, Active Charcoal Filter & Pre Filter for superior
De-humidifier De-humidifier (20 litres/day @ 30°C & 80% RH)
Coverage Area (Sq Ft) 550
Water Tank Capacity Approx. 4.6 L or Continuous Drainage, Anti-bacterial Self Cleaning System and Water Level Indicator
Dehumidifying Capacity - 30°C/ 80%RH 20 L/ day
Air Flow/ CADR (m3/hr) 258 / 70 (High/Low)
Modes Auto, Dehumidifying, Laundry, Deodorizing, Auto, Sleep, Medium & High
Pre-filter Mesh type
Filter Life* Upto 5 Years
Inverter Operation Yes
Real Time Monitor PM2.5, Temperature & Humidity
Sensors PM2.5, Odor, Humidity, Light, Temperature & Tank Full**
Operating Timer Hour 1H to 12H (On/Off timer)
Unit Dimensions (mm) 359 x 665 × 301 (W x H x D)
Net Weight (kg) 16.7
Voltage & frequency 220~240 V AC & 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (W) 50 / 7.3 (High / Medium)
Noise Level (db) 51 / 29 (High / Medium)
Warranty 1 year (on site)
Product Category Air Purifier + Dehumidifier



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