Water Purifier Pitcher

At Sharp, we believe in saving time and effort to lead a better life. The Water Purifier Pitcher uses the power of gravity to purify water. Its filter soaks all the impurities and let’s only clean water pass. Since it uses an unconventional source of energy i.e. gravity, the Water Purifier Pitcher by Sharp works without electricity. This makes it ideal to use at home or during travel, without limitations, so you can get pure water no matter where you are. For best results please use only drinking water for improving taste and quality

Why Choose Sharp Water Purifier Pitcher

No matter the surroundings, everybody deserves clean, pure water.

Key Features

  • No electricity required
  • Uses gravity for water purification
  • No water contamination
  • Pick right up after a power cut
  • Protection from water micro-bacteria

Product Specifications

Product WJ-100
Longevity 120 gallons of water
Flow Rate 500ml/Min
Total Capacity 3.5L of input storage


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