Blend functionality with elegance.

Introducing Purefit, the ultimate air purifier that combines advanced filtration with elegant design. Equipped with dual suction and a triple filter system, Purefit ensures your air is free from harmful particles and unpleasant odours.

Its Micro HEPA Plus Filter captures 99% of microscopic dust, while the activated carbon filter and fine mesh pre-filter tackle odours and larger particles. Experience the innovative Coanda AirFlow technology, designed to circulate and purify air efficiently.

Purefit's stylish, customisable design seamlessly blends with any interior, and its smart sensors adapt to your needs for optimal performance. Enjoy a peaceful, undisturbed sleep with Purefit's library-quiet operation. Let Purefit take care of your air, so you can let your worries fly away.

Dual suction Triple filter

Let your worries fly away. Purefit has triple filters to address all your concerns.

The Electrostatic HEPA Filter protects your lungs from harmful dust by capturing 99% of the tiny 0.02µm particles.

Activated carbon Deodorising Filter absorbs all kinds of common household odours.

Fine mesh pre-filter Captures larger than approx—240-micron dust particles.

Coanda Air Flow

Place your Purefit against the wall, and you'll witness the extraordinary power of its revolutionary Coanda airflow technology.

Meticulously engineered to reach every corner, it excels in dust collection through intelligent air circulation, maintaining a consistent 20-degree airflow pattern throughout the room.

Smart Sensors

Purefit’s smart sensors have features to detect light, odour, humidity, temperature, & dust particles and operate according to your requirement.

It turns the display monitor off while you sleep & operates powerfully while you cook to remove the smell.

Stylish Design

The compact design and aesthetic colour blends in with all kinds of interiors.

The natural grain texture creates a soothing contrast with interior elements such as furniture, textured walls, soft fabrics, and green plants.

Library quiet

Undoubtedly, the greatest joy in life is a restful sleep, while the most vexing is its interruption by unwelcome sounds.

In sleep mode, Purefit resembles the serene hush of a library, offering you an undisturbed tranquil night's rest, making it an invaluable asset for your well-being & comfort.


Purefit can be connected to the wifi and operated with mobile devices.

You can connect up to 30 units for collective management. Check the temperature, humidity, degree of air pollution, and the condition of filter anytime.

Product Specifications
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Parameters Specification
Air Purification System High-density Plasmacluster & dual filter set High-density Plasmacluster & dual filter set High-density Plasmacluster & dual filter set
Applicable Floor Size 930 Sq. ft. 323 Sq. ft. 323 Sq. ft.
Modes 6 (Auto/Pollen/Sleep/Low /Max/Med) 6 (Auto/Pollen/Sleep/Low /Max/Med) 6 (Auto/Pollen/Sleep/Low /Max/Med)
Power Input (Max / Med / Low) Watts (72 /18/6.1) (23/ - /2.4) (23/ - /2.4)
Air Flow (Max / Med / Low) m3/hour (702 / 366 / 132) (240) (240)
Noise Level (Max / Med / Low) dBA (55 / 40 / 23 ) (45 / 39 / 19) (45 / 39 / 19)
Special Program Mode HAZE mode / Auto restart HAZE mode / Auto restart HAZE mode / Auto restart
AIoT (Wifi) function YES NO YES
Filter Type
Dust Collection (HEPA) & Deodorisation (Active Carbon)
Filter life
Electrostatic Charged HEPA & Active Carbon Filter
upto 2 years
Two-in-one HEPA and deodorizing filter
upto 2 years
Two-in-one HEPA and deodorizing filter
upto 2 years
ON/OFF Timer (Application) YES YES YES
Temperature & Humidity
High Sensitive PM2.5 sensor
Clean Sign Indicator YES YES YES
Child Lock NO YES YES
Cord Length 2 m 2 m 2 m
Dimension (WxDxH) mm 333(W) x 330(D) x 575(H) 235(W) × 235(D) × 370(H) 235(W) × 235(D) × 370(H)
Net Weight (kg) 10 3.0 3.0
Voltage (V) / Frequency (Hz) 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Safety Standard IEC standard IEC standard IEC standard
Lights Control Button YES NO NO
*Disclaimer - Filter life varies according to enviromental conditions and usage.
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